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CRS Student Profile & Enlistment
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Need Access? Lost or Forgotten Password? Kindly visit the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO). Ask for REPRINT of your student password. Just bring your school ID or other forms of identification. For security purposes, we do NOT give out passwords through email or over the phone.

Student Log-in
Student No.: -  (e.g. 1998-22445)
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Important: DO NOT DISCLOSE YOUR WEB PASSWORD TO ANYONE. This will ensure that the information sent over the Internet using your web password originates from you and is therefore correct.
To be able to log-in, please make sure you have the following information:
  1. Your nine (9) digit Student Number. (e.g. 1999-61040)
  2. Your web password.
Please be careful in entering the information requested in each step. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK your entries before pressing the Submit or Save button.

Any error encountered? Please send-in bug reports to the CRS Team.